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First US Navy Constellation-class frigate starts construction

Fincantieri Marinette Marine marked the start of construction work on the first of the US Navy's new Constellation-class frigates with a steel...

US Navy awards Fincantieri $537M for third Constellation-class frigate

The US Navy has exercised another option for the procurement of the third Constellation-class frigate, the USS Chesapeake (FFG 64).

BAE gets $26M to deliver 57mm Mk 110 guns for US...

BAE Systems recently received a $26 million contract to deliver automatic 57mm Mk 110 naval guns for the US Navy’s Constellation-class frigates.

US Navy funds construction of second Constellation-class frigate ‘Congress’

The USS Congress will be built at FMM’s shipyard in Marinette where preparations for construction on lead ship USS Constellation (FFG 62) are underway.

US Navy establishing First Fleet, renaming Fleet Forces Command

The US Navy is establishing the First Fleet, a new command for the Indo-Pacific that will allow the service to improve its...

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