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Luxembourg buying 80 Eagle V armored CLRVs

EAGLE V for Luxembourg armored reconnaissance vehicles
Photo: GDELS

Luxembourg is buying 80 armored command, liaison and reconnaissance vehicles (CLRV) for the Luxembourg Army according to a government decision from September 15.

The CLRVs will be based on the General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) Eagle V, and will replace the current Hummer and Protected Reconnaissance Vehicles.

“The decision is based on three aspects. First, and this is the most important in my opinion, that our soldiers are best protected when deployed on a mission. Second, to modernize our equipment and increase our operational capabilities and third, to ensure interoperability within the army and with our allies”, explained Luxembourg’s defense minister François Bausch.

GDELS said the acquisition has been carried out with the support of specialized teams from the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), which will also provide logistical and technical support throughout the life cycle of the new CLRVs.

The selected vehicle system consists of the Eagle V vehicle, a remotely operated firing station DeFNder Medium from FN HERSTAL, and the Scorpion communication system from Thales, which is interoperable with the Armed Forces of Belgium and France.

“After the recent purchase of the Eagle V 6×6 as protected ambulance vehicle, GDELS is very proud to contribute another important capability to the Luxembourg Army with the Eagle V 4×4 CLRV. Eagle V 4×4 and/or 6×6 user nations now comprise Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland”, said Dr. Thomas Kauffmann, vice president GDELS International Business & Services.

Most recently, GDELS secured a 100-vehicle deal with Switzerland, which bought the Eagle V for its TASYS tactical reconnaissance system program.