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Romania takes delivery of first Piranha 5 wheeled armored vehicles

The Romanian Armed Forces have taken delivery of the first 12 Piranha 5 wheeled armored vehicle from General Dynamics European Land Systems...

Spain hands out $2.06 billion contract for Dragon VCR 8×8 vehicles

The Spanish defense ministry has awarded the General Dynamics European Land Systems-Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS-SBS) joint venture a contract for the delivery...

Spain re-launches 8×8 VCR Dragon program

After aborting the VCR 8x8 wheeled combat vehicle program late last year, the Spanish defense ministry is relaunching the procedure under new...

Switzerland clears Mörser 16 self-propelled mortar for serial production

The Mörser 16 self-propelled mortar is expected to be fielded in 2024.

Germany orders further 80 Eagle vehicles from General Dynamics

The German procurement agency (BAAINBw) has awarded General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) a contract for the delivery of 80 Eagle 6x6...

Switzerland buys 100 Eagle 6×6 reconnaissance vehicles

The contract represents the first order of the 6x6 version of the Eagle reconnaissance vehicle.

Construction of Piranha 5 wheeled armored vehicle begins in Romania

Construction of the first Piranha 5 wheeled armored vehicle for the Romanian Army kicked off with an official ceremony earlier this month.
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