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Switzerland to procure additional Mörser 16 mortar systems

Swiss Army Mörser 16 self-propelled mortar
Photo: armasuisse

The Swiss Federal Office for Defense Armaments has signed a contract with GDELS-Mowag to produce an additional 16 pieces of 12 cm Mörser 16 mortar systems.

The contract signing brings the total number of systems being procured as part of the project to 48.

The Swiss Federal Office for Defense exercised an option for 16 additional 12 cm mortar systems that was agreed upon with the general contractor GDELS-Mowag, after concluding the series contract for the initial 32 systems in March 2021. RUAG AG serves as a subcontractor to GDELS-Mowag and is responsible for supplying the mortar systems.

Parliament has approved a commitment credit of 175 million CHF (approx. US$192 M) for the procurement of a second tranche of Mörser 16, additional armored trucks for ammunition replenishment, and resources for operational logistics.

The first tranche of 32 mortar systems is currently under production and is scheduled to be handed over to the troops between 2024 and 2025. The series production of the additional 12 cm mortar 16 is taking place, with delivery of these systems to the troops planned for 2026.

However, due to the inclusion of additional material as part of the project addendum, particularly ammunition, the defense ministry said the project completion date has been postponed from 2026 to 2029.

Mörser 16 has a caliber of 120 mm and a range of up to 7.5 kilometers. The system has a high rate of fire, allowing for up to 15 rounds to be fired per minute. The mortar also features advanced targeting and fire control systems, making it highly accurate and effective on the battlefield.