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Georgia gets four GDELS Python bridge systems

Photo: GDELS

Georgia will receive four Python bridge systems from General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) as part of the “Enable and Enhance Initiative”, established by the German Federal Government.

Each bridge to be delivered, along with its launcher, will be mounted on an 8×8 carrier truck equipped with a palletized load system.

The Python bridge is constructed from lightweight aluminum, making it a practical dry-gap bridge solution for light and medium-sized mechanized combat units.

Besides providing tactical gap-crossing capabilities, the vehicle allows for the traversal of unprepared gaps measuring up to 13 meters in length.

Both wheeled and tracked vehicles can navigate these gaps using the Python bridge system, states GDELS.

It has a loading capacity of up to MLC 50 and can be transported by air or by any 10/15 ton PLS-Truck or medium armored platform.

This bridge system serves as a dual-use product suitable for deployment in both military operations and disaster relief efforts. It requires only a minimal staff of two individuals to operate.

The “Enable and Enhance” initiative aims to invest in the civil and military security sectors of countries facing threats of Russian aggression. It is set to strengthen its members’ capacity to prevent and manage potential conflicts.