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Luxembourg upgrades military arsenal with Heckler & Koch assault rifles

Photo: Heckler & Koch

Luxembourg’s armed forces are set to receive an upgrade, with the government’s defense department announcing the commission of Heckler & Koch to supply assault rifles worth approximately €10 million.

Among the firearms to be provided is the HK416 A7 assault rifle variant in 5.56 mm x 45 NATO caliber, featuring two different barrel lengths – 11 and 14.5 inches. This decision, revealed on the European procurement platform TED, sees the renowned firearms manufacturer win out over other providers.

Also, Luxembourg has opted for 40 mm HK269 grenade launcher modules and HK417 A2 assault rifles chambered in NATO’s 7.62 mm X 51 caliber. By making this choice, the country’s military is replacing its previously used Steyr AUG rifles with the HK416, a battle-tested weapon from Heckler & Koch that is widely utilized by NATO forces.

Luxembourg has made the decision to choose the HK416 A7 as its weapon of choice, making it the first country to introduce this particular variant to its armed forces.

Previously, this model had only been utilized by special forces in other countries. One such example is the G95k, a 14.5-inch variant of the HK416 A7 that is currently used by the special forces of the Bundeswehr. Additionally, the special forces of Estonia have been successfully employing HK416 A7 rifles for a number of years.

The HK416 A7 is a rotating-head bolt action, gas-operated rifle that utilizes a short-stroke mechanism. While its ergonomic design is based on the AR-15 family of weapons, there are some notable deviations, such as the unique 45-degree safety lever for single fire and 90-degree angle for continuous fire, which differs from the 90/180-degree safety commonly found on AR rifles.

The Grand Duchy can expect to receive its new standard weapon within the next year, with the delivery process slated to conclude in 2024.