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Dynetics gets $428M for Common Hypersonic Glide Body prototype deliveries

The US Army has awarded Dynetics Technical Solutions, a Leidos company, a contract worth $428.2 million to create Common Hypersonic Glide Body...

Lockheed gets $1.1B to integrate CPS hypersonic weapon onto Zumwalt destroyers

The US Navy's Strategic Systems Programs office has awarded Lockheed Martin a $1.1 billion contract for work on integrating hypersonic strike capability...

US Navy, Army complete new test for their hypersonic programs

The US Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) and the Army Hypersonic Project Office (AHPO) have carried out the second test in support...

US Army, Navy complete joint hypersonic flight tests

The US Navy's Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) and the Army's Hypersonic Program Office (AHPO) completed what they referred to as a "high...

US Navy tests hypersonic weapon’s second stage rocket motor

The US Navy's Strategic Systems Program (SSP) completed a successful test of the second stage solid rocket motor (SRM) for the Navy’s...

US Navy, Army test hypersonic strike system rocket motor

The army and navy are running separate hypersonic weapon programs which will share a common all up round that can be launched from land and sea.

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