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Czech Republic gets 62 TITUS armored vehicles

The Czech Army formally acquired 62 domestically-produced KOVS TITUS 6x6 armored vehicles in a ceremony at the International Defence and Security Technologies...

Czech Republic, Sweden finalize $2.2B deal for CV90 vehicles

The Czech Republic has officially become the ninth member of the CV90 user group.

Czech Republic ups Caesar howitzer order

The contract modification bring the total number of Caesar 8x8 self-propelled howitzers on order to 62.
L-39NG trainers for Czech Air Force

Czech Air Force getting new L-39NG jet trainer fleet

The Czech Republic state-owned enterprise LOM Praha has ordered four new L-39NG jet aircraft that will be used for basic and advanced...

US, the Netherlands funding transfer of 90 Czech T-72 tanks to...

The US defense department and the Dutch defense ministry have reached a trilateral agreement with the Czech Republic for the transfer of...
Viper attack helicopter loadout photo

US will gift Czech Republic six Viper, two Venom helicopters

The United States will donate six AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters as well as two UH-1Y Venom utility helicopters to the Czech Republic...

Czech Republic buying Israeli Heron drones

The Czech Republic defense ministry revealed it would soon begin negotiations with the Israeli government for the acquisition of three HERON 1...
F-35A aerial refueling

Czech Republic approves purchase of F-35 fighters, CV90 IFVs

The government of the Czech Republic has given its green light to the defense ministry to start negotiations for the purchase of...
Czech Pandur II APC onboard a KC-390

Brazil’s Embraer demonstrates its KC-390 in Czech Republic

Brazilian aerospace specialist Embraer showcased its KC-390 transport aircraft to Czech Republic officials at the airport in Pardubice on June 6.

Germany to give Leopard tanks to Czech Republic as part of...

Germany is sending Leopards to the Czech Republic after it supplied Ukraine with T-72 tanks and BMP-1 IFVs.

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