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Qatari F-15QA

US pilots eject from Qatari F-15QA fighter in Illinois

An F-15QA fighter jet slated for delivery to the Qatari Air Force experienced a mishap at MidAmerica Airport
Strike Eagle with five JASSMs

US Air Force loads Strike Eagle with 5 JASSMs just to...

The maximum number of JASSMs any fighter can currently carry is two, but an Eglin-based team has managed to modify an F-15E to carry five.
F-15E Strike Eagles configured to carry extra bombs

USAF F-15Es start flying bomb truck missions in Middle East

The service's first combat tactical ferry mission for the F-15E platform enabled six Strike Eagles to carry double their standard munitions load.
F-15C record air-to-air missile shot

F-15C Eagle claims record for longest-known missile shot with AIM-120 AMRAAM

An F-15C Eagle fired an AIM-120 AMRAAM at a BQM-167 subscale drone, resulting in a "kill" of the aerial target from the furthest distance ever recorded.
F-15E Strike Eagle in Asia

US Air Force F-15Es are getting recycled wings from Saudi F-15S

The US Air Force has seized an opportunity to save millions of dollars on the maintenance of its F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft...
F-15SA flight in 2013

Royal Saudi Air Force receives final F-15SA fighter

The Royal Saudi Air Force has received the final of 84 F-15SA advanced fighter aircraft, the US Air Force Life Cycle Management...
F-15E with StormBreaker bomb

US Air Force clears StormBreaker smart bomb for fielding on F-15E

The US Air Force has approved the StormBreaker smart bomb for use on the F-15E aircraft, the weapon manufacturer Raytheon announced Wednesday....
F-15J Eagle

Mitsubishi teams with Boeing for Japan’s F-15J “Super Interceptor” upgrade

The contract is part of a larger $4.5 billion modernization program, announced by the US government in October 2019.
First F-15EX aircraft

Boeing secures first US Air Force F-15EX fighter contract

Future plans call for as many as 144 aircraft to be purchased, Boeing says.
F-15C over RAF Lakenheath

US Air Force F-15C crashes in North Sea

A US Air Force F-15C Eagle fighter jet from the 48th Fighter Wing crashed in the North Sea in the morning hours...
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