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F-15 Global Strike Eagle

Boeing proposed Global Strike Eagle with dorsally-mounted missiles to US Air...

An unmanned F-15, dubbed the Global Strike Eagle, could have been carrying dorsally-mounted launch vehicles.
F-15 withdrawal from Kadena

US Air Force begins withdrawal of F-15 Eagles from Kadena, Japan

The US Air Force's 18th Wing bid farewell to several F-15 Eagles from Kadena Air Base, Japan, on December 1, in the...
F-22 Raptors at Kadena

F-22 Raptors first to fill in for F-15 fighters withdrawing from...

US Air Force F-22A Raptors started to arrive at Kadena Air Base, Japan, on November 4, ahead of the start of the...
F-15 EPAWS upgrade

US Air Force rolling out electronic warfare upgrade for F-15 fleet

EPAWSS will replace the analog, federated system with a next-generation, digital, fully-integrated electronic warfare (EW) suite on the F-15 fleet.
US Air Force Quicksink ship-killer bomb demonstration

US Air Force’s Quicksink anti-ship bomb sinks vessel in new test

Quicksink promises to develop a low-cost method of achieving torpedo-like seaworthy kills from the air.
Multi-platform IRST test with F-16 and F-15

US Air Force completes first multi-platform IRST test with Legion pods

Two fighters located a target without the use of radar or other active ranging sources by pooling infra-red search and track (IRST) sensor data via their Legion pods in the test.
F-15C sunset at Nellis

US Air Force begins retiring weapons instructor F-15Cs at Nellis AFB

US Air Force Base Nellis bid farewell to one of its last few F-15C fighters as the aircraft departed to its final...
Indonesia F-15ID

Indonesia gets US nod for F-15 Eagle variant hours after signing...

Indonesia was cleared by the US State Department to buy a variant of Boeing's F-15 Eagle fighter on the same day it...
JASDF F-15J takeoff

Japan contracts Boeing for F-15 Super Interceptor upgrade

The contract indicates Japan is moving forward with the program to upgrade 98 F-15Js to the Super Interceptor standard.

Last USAF F-15C weapons instructors graduate at Nellis AFB

As the Air Force continues to modernize its future fighter force, it is bidding farewell to institutions and processes that no longer...

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