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US Air Force StormBreaker bomb

US F-15Es mark first operational use of new StormBreaker bomb

The US Air Force's 391st Fighter Squadron became the first operational unit to use the GBU-53/B, the new small diameter bomb known...
GBU-72 bunker-busting bomb test

US Air Force drops new GBU-72 penetrator bomb for first time

The GBU-72 penetrator bomb will introduce substantially higher lethality compared to similar legacy weapons like the GBU-28 bunker busting bomb.
ACC commander flies Eagle II

Head of US Air Combat Command qualifies for Air Force’s new...

US Air Force Gen. Mark Kelly has become one of two pilots in the world who’ve flown both the F-15EX and F-35A aircraft.
Qatari F-15 fighter jets

Boeing unveils Qatari F-15QA Ababil fighters

In collaboration with the US Air Force and Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF), Boeing celebrated the naming and rollout of Qatar’s advanced...
F-15C Eagle missile firing

US F-15 fighter shoots down UAV over Syria, report

A US Air Force F-15E fighter has reportedly shot down a yet unidentified unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) in the vicinity of the...
F-15C Eagle with Lockheed Martin’s Legion Pod IRST Block 1.5 system

F-15C Eagle destroys target in first-ever AMRAAM shot cued by IRST

A US Air Force F-15C Eagle used its Legion Pod to shoot down a QF-16 aerial target in the first-ever live fire...
Qatari F-15QA

US pilots eject from Qatari F-15QA fighter in Illinois

An F-15QA fighter jet slated for delivery to the Qatari Air Force experienced a mishap at MidAmerica Airport
Strike Eagle with five JASSMs

US Air Force loads Strike Eagle with 5 JASSMs just to...

The maximum number of JASSMs any fighter can currently carry is two, but an Eglin-based team has managed to modify an F-15E to carry five.
F-15E Strike Eagles configured to carry extra bombs

USAF F-15Es start flying bomb truck missions in Middle East

The service's first combat tactical ferry mission for the F-15E platform enabled six Strike Eagles to carry double their standard munitions load.
F-15C record air-to-air missile shot

F-15C Eagle claims record for longest-known missile shot with AIM-120 AMRAAM

An F-15C Eagle fired an AIM-120 AMRAAM at a BQM-167 subscale drone, resulting in a "kill" of the aerial target from the furthest distance ever recorded.

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