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US ANG F-16 deploying BriteCloud

US Air National Guard to test fly BriteCloud missile decoy

US Air National Guard F-16 jets will start BriteCloud 218 tests later this year, with live-fire trials set for early 2022.
IAF F-16

Top Aces receives four more F-16 fighters from Israel

The latest delivery of former Israeli Air Force aircraft brings the total number of F-16 fighters in the Top Aces inventory to eight.
F-16 digital twin

US Air Force working on F-16 digital twin to improve sustainment

Two F-16s will be disassembled and scanned to create the "digital twin" over the four-year span of the project.

US approves F-16 jets, Harpoon and AIM-9X missiles for the Philippines

While the US approved the sale, it is far from a done deal, as the Philippines has already indicated that the fighter jets were “expensive” for the country.
commercial F-16 adversary air training Top Aces

Top Aces first company to certify fourth-gen fighter for commercial ops

Top Aces concluded the milestone first commercial flight of an F-16 fighter in Mesa, Arizona, on May 18.
ROCAF F-16V with AMRAAM missile

Taiwan finally test launches AMRAAM missiles from its F-16 fighters

The event on May 11 marked the first time the AMRAAM missiles were fired from the F-16s in Taiwanese airspace.
Romanian Air Force

Romania receives 17th and final F-16 from Portugal

In addition to the 17 F-16s it already acquired, Romania is also considering a purchase of up to 48 F-16 aircraft from the US.

L3Harris to deliver electronic warfare system for Lockheed ‘s Block 70/72...

Dubbed Viper Shield by L3Harris, the EW system is designed to provide digital radar threat warning and digital countermeasure capabilities for F-16 fighters.

US Air Force picks Northrop Grumman to deliver EW suite for...

The US Air Force has downselected Northrop Grumman to deliver the electronic warfare suite for its F-16 fighter aircraft fleet.
The third and final F16, aircraft 339, completed repairs this month

All seven US F-16 fighters damaged in Kuwait sandstorm in 2018...

The winds caused the worst battle damage an Air Force or Air National Guard unit had received since 1991.
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