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Greek F-16V fighter delivery

Greece receives first two upgraded F-16 Vipers

Greece plans to upgrade a total of 83 F-16 fighters in cooperation with Lockheed Martin.
adversary F-16

Top Aces secures up to $178M to support US Air Force...

Top Aces, the world's sole commercial owner/operator of F-16 fighter aircraft revealed it received a contract as part of the US Air...
F-16 AESA upgrade

US Air Force now has its first squadron flying F-16s with...

The 480th Fighter Squadron has become the first active-duty USAF F-16CM squadron to upgrade their entire fighter jet fleet with AESA radars.
Final Dutch F-16 flight in the United States

Dutch Vipers end training flights in the US after 32 years

The Royal Netherlands Air Force plans to retire the F-16 in 2024.
UAE C-17 in California

US clears $1.1B in C-17, F-16 sustainment deals for UAE, Belgium

The US State Department has approved over $1 billion worth of potential sustainment support deals for the upkeep of United Arab Emirates...
Danish F-16 fighters

Denmark extends service life of its F-16 fighters, citing security situation

Denmark's defense ministry revealed it has made the decision to extend the service life of its F-16 fighters amid the deteriorating security...
Jordan buying 8 Block 70 F-16 fighters

Jordan joining F-16 Block 70 program with 8 airframe buy

Jordan has officially signed a letter of offer and acceptance for the purchase of eight new production F-16 Block 70 aircraft from...
F-16 AESA upgrade

US Air National Guard F-16s complete SABR AESA radar upgrade

ANG's F-16 fighters are the first in the US fleet to fly the fifth-generation radar.
Norwegian F-16 duo

Kongsberg to prepare Norwegian F-16s for sale to Romania, Draken

Norway expects to deliver first retired F-16s to Draken this year, and to Romania during 2023.
Multi-platform IRST test with F-16 and F-15

US Air Force completes first multi-platform IRST test with Legion pods

Two fighters located a target without the use of radar or other active ranging sources by pooling infra-red search and track (IRST) sensor data via their Legion pods in the test.

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