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US navy announces names of five future ships

The US Navy has revealed the names of five future vessels, ranging from towing ships to nuclear-powered attack submarines.

US Navy establishing First Fleet, renaming Fleet Forces Command

The US Navy is establishing the First Fleet, a new command for the Indo-Pacific that will allow the service to improve its...

US Navy’s first FFG(X) frigate to be named USS Constellation

The lead ship of the US Navy's new FFG(X) frigate class will be named USS Constellation (FFG 62), the Secretary of the...

No, the US Navy will not name first of new class...

The US Navy has confirmed that the lead FFG(X) ship will not be named USS Brooke.

Fincantieri wins US Navy’s FFG(X) guided missile frigate competition

The next generation of US Navy frigates will be potent surface combatants.

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