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Allies make missiles rain during NATO drill Formidable Shield 23

NATO allied ships taking part in the Formidable Shield 2023 exercise off Scotland's western coast had the opportunity to test a range...
French Navy Rafale M black and white photo landing

Major NATO drill Formidable Shield 23 kicks off in Norway, UK

Formidable Shield 2023 kicks off in Norway before moving to the Hebrides off Scotland.

US submarine hunters launch Harpoon missiles in Europe for first time

P-8A Poseidons performed a coordinated missile launch with AGM-84D Harpoons against a target barge off the coast of Norway during Formidable Shield 2021.

Dutch frigate cues US destroyer’s SM-3 interceptor in ballistic missile test

USS Paul Ignatius used data from the Dutch frigate's radar to conduct a "launch on remote" test of a Standard Missile 3 (SM-3).

UK Royal Navy trials artificial intelligence for missile defense

Although the Royal Navy has carried out experiments with AI before, this is the first time it’s been tested against live missiles.

Europe’s largest air and missile defense drill gets underway

15 ships from 10 nations will test DART munitions, SM-2, SM-3, ESSM, and Aster 15 and 30 missiles against live targets during Formidable Shield.

US bringing supersonic sea skimming targets to missile defense drill off...

The US Navy will introduce a new feature to the long-running international missile defense drill off Scotland in the form of supersonic...

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