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Croatian Air Force MiG-21 crashes during training flight

Croatian MiG-21 crash
Illustration. Croatian Air Force file photo of a MiG-21 fighter

A Croatian Air Force MiG-21 fighter aircraft crashed during a scheduled training flight on December 6 in the Virovitica-Podravine region in the country’s north.

According to the defense ministry, the crash took place before 2 pm, with both pilots ejecting from the aircraft.

Local reports say that both pilots have been found and recovered. Both suffered injuries, but are in stable condition.

The country’s prime minister said a mechanical fault was likely the reason of the crash, but an investigation into the circumstances of the crash would provide more information.

The crashed MiG-21 was one of seven currently in service with the Croatian Air Force service. The type is scheduled to be retired by 2024 and replaced by the French Rafale fighters. In May last year, Croatia bought 12 second-hand F3-R Rafale fighters bought from France under a 999 million euro deal. Ten single-seaters and two two-seaters would be transferred to Croatia from the French Air Force.