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Croatian minelayer runs aground during training mission

A Croatian minelaying ship ran aground in the Kornati archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea on July 29, during a cadet training mission.
Tu-141 in Zagreb

Soviet Tu-141 drone that crashed in Croatia carried 120kg bomb

Croatian authorities revealed that the Soviet-era Tu-141 Strizh drone that crashed in the country's capital late Thursday carried a bomb that weighed...
Soviet drone crash in Jarinj, Zagreb, Croatia

Drone that crashed in Croatia’s capital arrived from Hungarian airspace

Croatian authorities have revealed that the drone flew through Romanian and Hungarian airspace before crashing in Zagreb.

US carrier Harry S. Truman pulls into Croatia for port visit

After taking part in the major Mediterranean Sea exercise Neptune Strike, which gathered three aircraft carriers for maneuvers, US Navy aircraft carrier...
Croatian Army Black Hawk

Croatia welcomes first two Black Hawk helicopters from United States

The Croatian defense ministry has welcomed the first two of overall four UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters at the Franjo Tuđman airport in...

Croatia buying 89 Bradley vehicles from the US in $196M deal

The Croatian government has approved the procurement of second-hand Bradley M2A2 infantry fighting vehicles for the Croatian Army under a deal worth...
Croatia confirms Dassault Aviation Rafale purchase

Croatia confirms purchase of French Rafale fighter under billion euro deal

It's official, the Croatian Air Force will be flying second-hand F3-R Rafale fighters bought from France under a 999 million euro deal.
Rafale fighter

Croatia picks France’s Rafale fighter as MIG-21 successor, reports

Croatia selected the used Rafale F3R over new Gripen fighters from Sweden's Saab, and used F-16 fighters from the US and Israel.

In a first, US deploys Patriot SAM to Croatia for exercise...

The US Army has deployed the Patriot air and missile defense system to Croatia for the first time ever as part of Astral Knight 21.

US Navy special warfare units stage Trojan Footprint, Black Swan drills

US Naval Special Warfare Operators are in Europe for simultaneous exercises with Croatia, Germany, Hungary, and Romania taking place between May 3...

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