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Draken Mirage F1Ms start adversary air training services with US Air Force

Mirage fighter aircraft
Illustration; Photo: Draken International

Adversary air services provider Draken International announced it has started supersonic radar equipped F1M missions in support of US Air Force combat readiness training at Nellis AFB.

The modernized Mirage F1Ms, predominately flown by the Spanish Air Force in the past, now challenge US and coalition 4th & 5th Generation fighters over the skies of the Nevada Test and Training Range in the development of warfighter’s tactics, techniques, and procedures.

The Draken F1 fleet is supporting the Nellis ADAIR (adversary air) II contract, which provides adversary training for the USAF Weapons School, Red Flag exercises, operational test support, formal training unit support, and combat air forces abroad.

Over the past two years, Draken International worked with Paramount Aerospace Systems on the reassembly, restoration, and certification of the fleet of Mirage F1s.

The company added it has also begun the acceptance of the fleet of Denel Cheetah’s from the South African Air Force, also a supersonic radar-equipped fighter.

“These fleets of supersonic assets highlight the dedication to fulfilling combat readiness training objectives at Nellis and Air Force bases across the US. Our ever-growing fleet of advanced fighters enrich our capabilities and challenge airmen, sailors, and marines alike,” Sean Gustafson, VP of Business Development at Draken, commented.

Draken International operates over a 100 of ex-military fighter aircraft, offering airborne adversary support, flight training, threat simulation, electronic warfare support, aerial refueling, research, testing, and other missions.