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Draken Red Air for Royal Air Force

Draken begins Honey Badger red air services for Royal Air Force

A Draken Europe L-159E Honey Badger aircraft has delivered the first Operational Readiness Training sortie as part of the interim red air...
Norwegian F-16 duo

Kongsberg to prepare Norwegian F-16s for sale to Romania, Draken

Norway expects to deliver first retired F-16s to Draken this year, and to Romania during 2023.
Draken L-159E Honey Badgers in formation

Royal Air Force contracts Draken for Red Air services after Hawk...

The Royal Air Force has awarded Draken Europe a contract for the delivery of adversary air training services as an interim solution.
Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16

Norway selling 12 of its F-16 fighters to Draken

By acquiring the F-16, Draken International will become the second private company to operate a fourth-generation fighter

Adversary air training firm Draken receives final South African Cheetah

The final former South African Air Force Cheetah fighter acquired from the South African Air Force by US adversary air training provider...
Draken Falcon 20

Collins Aerospace, Draken team up for new air combat training system...

Draken’s Falcon 20 fleet will get the joint secure air combat training system (JSAS) in support of operational readiness training for the UK armed forces.
Mirage F-1 adversary air training jet

Pilot dies in crash of contracted Mirage F-1 adversary jet at...

The aircraft was owned, operated and piloted by Draken US, a Florida-based company contracted to provide adversary air support to Nellis Air Force Base.
Mirage fighter aircraft

Draken Mirage F1Ms start adversary air training services with US Air...

The Draken F1 fleet is supporting the Nellis ADAIR (adversary air) II contract, which provides adversary training for the USAF Weapons School, Red Flag exercises, among others.

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