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Hungarian military helicopter crashes in Croatia, two bodies found

Photo: Hungarian MoD

Two Hungarian Air Force Airbus H145 helicopters were conducting a training mission in Croatian airspace when one of the helicopters crashed, June 21.

Reportedly, there were three people on board the helicopter, and it crashed under unclear circumstances, as reported by Croatian MoD.

Two out of three bodies of the Hungarian pilots have been found, while the search for the third pilot is still ongoing.

The State Intervention Unit of Civil Protection is providing 3D mapping of the incident site using drones and offering logistical support from their command-communication vehicle, reports Croatian MoD.

The Mi-171 Sh helicopter and the Pilatus aircraft from the Croatian Air Force, along with operational forces of the civil protection system, participated in the search for the crashed helicopter.

Croatian Minister of Defense, Mario Banožić, regarding the crash of the Hungarian helicopter, said “We express deep sympathy to the families and friends of the deceased pilots. We are in communication with the Hungarian Ministry and will provide them with full support in whatever is necessary to determine the cause of the accident.”

The helicopter crashed around 12:00 PM while returning from a mission to its home base.