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Hungarian military helicopter crashes in Croatia, two bodies found

raining mission in Croatian airspace when one of the helicopters crashed, June 21.
German Army H145 SAR helicopter

Airbus completes H145 SAR helicopter deliveries to German Army

The German Army has taken delivery of its seventh and final H145 helicopter for search and rescue (SAR) missions.
Ecuadorian Cobra helicopter

Ecuador receives first two multi-role H145 helicopters from Airbus

The Ecuadorian Air Force has received the first two of six H145 multi-role helicopters from Airbus Helicopters. Ecuador is...
German H145 SAR helicopter

German Army’s new H145 SAR helicopter enters service

The German Army has inducted the new Airbus-built H145 search and rescue (SAR) helicopters into active service, the service said on July...

UK buys Airbus H145 helicopters, simulators to boost rotary wing pilot...

The UK defense ministry has signed a £183 million (approx. $238m) contract for the acquisition of four new Airbus H145 helicopters and...

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