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Poland fast-tracks purchase of CAMM-based Narew air defense system

Poland will now receive the first fire module of the Narew SHORAD in September this year.

Diehl enhancing its IRIS-T SLM GBAD with Hensoldt passive radar

German missile specialist Diehl Defence has entered into an agreement with compatriot defense technology company Hensoldt to enhance its ground based air...

British Army bids farewell to Rapier air defense system after 50...

The British Army has officially retired the Rapier air defense system after nearly 50 years of service. In a...

Embraer, Brazilian Army unveil new Saber M200 GBAD

The Brazilian Army and defense technology company Embraer have unveiled the newest addition to the Saber family of radars at an event...

British Army commissions new Sky Sabre ground-based air defense system

Sky Sabre will be able to hit a tennis ball-sized object travelling at the speed of sound, UK defense ministry says.

Dutch MoD begins search for new medium range air-defense system

The Netherlands' defense ministry announced it is starting the process of acquiring a new medium range air defense (MRAD) capability that provides...

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