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US Army picks five competitors for its Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle...

The US Army has selected five competitors that will proceed to the second stage of the concept design phase of its Optionally...

US Marine Corps picks Textron, GDLS for next stage of ARV...

The US Marine Corp's Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) program will identify a successor for the Light Armored Vehicle currently in service.

GDLS UK teams with MBDA for ‘Overwatch’ Ajax for British Army

GDLS UK and MBDA are offering the Ares variant of the Ajax vehicle fitted with Brimstone missiles for the British Army's 'Overwatch’ capability.

US clears sale of Stryker fighting vehicles to North Macedonia

North Macedonia requested the sale of 54 Stryker vehicles in three configurations, an infantry carrier, a command, and a mortar carrier variant.

GDLS completes first combat support vehicle for Canadian Army

The Canadian defense ministry has shared photos of the first armored combat support vehicle (ACSV) General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada has built for...

US Army places $4.6B contract for deliveries of newest Abrams M1A2...

The US Army has awarded General Dynamics Land Systems a $4.62 billion contract for the production of the latest version of the...

US Army starting light tank prototype evaluation at Fort Bragg

US Army soldiers are preparing to start evaluations of the first pre-production light tank prototypes developed as part of the service's Mobile...

US Army testing IM-SHORAD prototypes at White Sands Missile Range

US Army soldiers are putting first examples of the Initial Maneuver Short Range Air Defense (IM-SHORAD) air defense system to the test...

US Army awards General Dynamics $2.4bn for A1 Stryker upgrade

The Army is currently in the process of pure-fleeting its Stryker brigades with upgraded A1 vehicles.

General Dynamics to deliver unmanned ground vehicles to British Army

General Dynamics Land Systems–UK has become the latest company to announce the delivery of unmanned ground vehicles to the British Army.
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