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US approves $895 worth of Tomahawk missiles for Australia

The US State Department has approved a potential sale of Tomahawk Block V and Block IV missiles to Australia for an estimated...

Australia releases tender for Hobart-class destroyer maintenance

The Australian defense ministry has launched a tender for the "capability life cycle manager" program, which will see industry support and sustain...

Australia buying Tomahawk missiles for air warfare destroyers

After the shock announcement that it would walk away from the purchase of French submarines and instead build nuclear-powered submarines together with...

Australia declares final operational capability for air warfare destroyer fleet

Nearly nine years after construction began on the lead ship in the class, the Royal Australian Navy declared its fleet of Hobart-class...

Australian destroyer HMAS Sydney wraps up combat system trials in the...

The final of Royal Australian Navy's three Hobart-class destroyers, HMAS Sydney, returned to Sydney after completing Aegis weapon system trials.

Australia’s final AWD destroyer heads for combat system trials in the...

Royal Australian Navy air warfare destroyer HMAS Sydney got underway from her home port at Fleet Base East in Sydney last week...

All 3 Australian air warfare destroyers train together for first time

The Royal Australian Navy’s fleet of three Hobart-class air warfare destroyers met up at sea for the first time for exercises.

Australia’s final AWD destroyer tests Aegis system ahead of US trials

Following the Aegis waterfront training, HMAS Sydney will start preparations for final live weapons and systems tests in the US next year.

Australia commissions final Hobart-class air warfare destroyer

The Royal Australian Navy has commissioned its third and final air warfare destroyer in what the service says was the first commissioning...

Australia’s final air warfare destroyer arrives at its home port

The 147-meter warship sailed from Osborne, South Australia, where she was built by the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance

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