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Air Defender 23: largest exercise of air forces in NATO’s history...

NATO has begun its largest-ever air force deployment exercise with 10,000 participants from 25 nations and 220 aircraft training in European airspace.

Croatia hosts US Army, NATO allies for air defense maneuver

Croatia has hosted a group of US Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade paratroopers, known as "Sky Soldiers," and other NATO allies for its...

‘Largest NATO infrastructure investment in 30 years’ opens in Poland

The complex has the capacity to accommodate a full US armored brigade combat team's worth of combat-ready military equipment.

Preparations ramp up for Norway’s largest exercise in 30 years

Two NATO carrier groups are set to take part in Cold Response 2022 that will gather 35,000 troops from 28 nations

US sending 7,000 troops to Europe as NATO activates response force...

US president Joe Biden has ordered the deployment of 7,000 US service members to Germany to enhance deterrence of Russia in a...

NATO R-SOCC special ops command reaches initial operational capability in Hungary

Regional Special Operations Component Command (R-SOCC) will boost the ability of NATO nations to employ their special operations forces.

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