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‘Largest NATO infrastructure investment in 30 years’ opens in Poland

U.S. and Polish soldiers celebrate the completion of the opening ceremony for Poland's inaugural Long-Term Equipment Storage and Maintenance Complex at Air Base Powidz Photo: US Army

The Polish defense minister and the US ambassador to Poland jointly participated in the opening ceremony of the Long-Term Equipment Storage and Maintenance Complex in Powidz, Poland on April 5, 2023.

The complex represents NATO’s largest single infrastructure investment in over 30 years and is the result of over six years of effort by numerous partners.

The complex, made possible by NATO’s investment, has the capacity to accommodate a full US armored brigade combat team’s worth of combat-ready military equipment.

The infrastructure provides additional combat power, reduces deployment timelines, and improves the rotation of US forces in Poland.

“The strategic partnership with the United States and Poland’s active membership in the North Atlantic Alliance are the pillars of our homeland’s security,” said Mariusz Blaszczak, Poland’s defense minister.

“The US armored brigade combat team will have access to seven large warehouses, containing over 2,700 pieces of heavy equipment from tanks to Bradley fighting vehicles, stationed on Polish soil,” explained Mark Brzezinski, the US ambassador to Poland. “This facility will enable us to maintain a rapid response capability, allowing us to deploy an entire armored brigade combat team quickly and significantly reducing deployment timelines.”

This infrastructure will be critical to force projection, according to the US Army. The facilities will allow additional equipment available in Europe, which reduces deployment timelines and provides additional combat power for contingency operations.

“Since its accession in 1999, Poland has been a strong NATO Ally and a linchpin of regional security in Central Europe and the proof is right before our eyes”, said Lt. Gen. Steven L. Basham, deputy commander of the US European Command. “This NATO-funded project reinforces Poland’s enduring commitment to the Alliance and Euro-Atlantic security.”