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US, Canadian defense ministers back NORAD modernization

The heads of defense departments Canada and the US have expressed support for the enhancement of the ability of the North American...
NORAD assets from the US Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force fly in formation

NORAD test connects all combatant commands with AI-driven information

GIDE2 gathered all 11 combatant commands to test decision aids that harness AI and machine learning to rapidly bring information to decision makers.
F-22 Raptor intercepting a Tu-95 bomber

US Raptors intercept Russian bombers for second time in six days

US Air Force F-22 Raptors completed another series of intercepts of Russian Tu-95 bombers off Alaska on June 16, in the second...
US F-22 Raptor with Russian Tu-95 bomber

US F-22s intercept Russian Tu-95 bombers off Alaska

NORAD F-22 Raptors carried out two intercepts of Russian Tu-95 bombers off Alaska.
USS Harry S. Truman

US merges four combatant commands for “first of its kind” homeland...

The US Northern Command is leading a major homeland defense exercise that brings together the North American Aerospace Defense Command, US Transportation...

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