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Spain becomes the largest operator of Pilatus PC-21s

Spain becomes largest European PC-21 operator with new 16 airframe order

With Spain's 40 airframes on order, only Australia and Saudi Arabia have more PC-21s in their inventories.
Australian Pilatus PC-21 trainer

Australia officially takes delivery of AIR5428 pilot training system

Australia has taken delivery of the new pilot training system developed under project AIR5428, Lockheed Martin Australia confirmed.
Spanish Pilatus PC-21

Spanish Air Force takes delivery of first PC-21 Pilatus trainer

Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft is to deliver a total of 24 PC-21 trainers to the Spanish Air Force by June 2022.
PC-21 Pilatus turboprop trainer

French Air Force boosts PC-21 trainer fleet with 9 unit order

The French Air Force has ordered 9 PC-21 aircraft from Pilatus, bringing the total number of turboprop trainers on order to 26 airframes.
Spanish Air Force PC-21 turboprop trainer

Spain’s first Pilatus PC-21 turboprop trainer takes to the skies

The first PC-21 trainer aircraft built for the Spanish Air Force has completed its first production test flights in Switzerland.
Pilatus PC-21 simulator

France orders additional Pilatus PC-21 simulator from CAE

The new PC-21 full-mission simulator will be delivered in 2022 to the Cognac-Châteaubernard Air Base in southwest France.

Spanish Air Force PC-21s to get Leonardo electronics

The Spanish Air Force is the third European air force to choose the PC-21 next generation trainer.

Australian Air Force receives final PC-21 training aircraft

The final of 49 aircraft from the Air Force Pilatus PC-21 fleet has been officially welcomed at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)...

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