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Spanish Pilatus PC-21

Spanish Air Force takes delivery of first PC-21 Pilatus trainer

Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft is to deliver a total of 24 PC-21 trainers to the Spanish Air Force by June 2022.
PC-21 Pilatus turboprop trainer

French Air Force boosts PC-21 trainer fleet with 9 unit order

The French Air Force has ordered 9 PC-21 aircraft from Pilatus, bringing the total number of turboprop trainers on order to 26 airframes.
Swiss Air Force PC-24

Qatar confirmed as second military customer of Pilatus PC-24 jet

With an order for two PC-24s placed in November 2020, Qatari Air Force joined the Swiss Air Force, which has been operating the PC-24 since 2019.
Spanish Air Force PC-21 turboprop trainer

Spain’s first Pilatus PC-21 turboprop trainer takes to the skies

The first PC-21 trainer aircraft built for the Spanish Air Force has completed its first production test flights in Switzerland.

Spanish Air Force PC-21s to get Leonardo electronics

The Spanish Air Force is the third European air force to choose the PC-21 next generation trainer.

Australian Air Force receives final PC-21 training aircraft

The final of 49 aircraft from the Air Force Pilatus PC-21 fleet has been officially welcomed at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)...
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