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Italian F-35A fighters

Italian F-35As begin flying NATO Quick Reaction Alert missions

The Italian Air Force has officially started executing the NATO air policing mission with F-35 aircraft, which will launch from their home...
German Eurofighters

German Eurofighters join Italian counterparts for QRA mission in Romania

German Eurofighters are deploying to Romania under the new concept of 'Plug & Fight'
QRA F-35 at Avenes AFB in northern Norway

Norwegian F-35s take over scramble missions from F-16 predecessors

Royal Norwegian Air Force's new F-35s have officially taken over the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) mission, ending the F-16 fleet’s 42 year-long...
Swiss Air Force Hornet

Swiss F/A-18s finally start 24/7 air policing

The Hornets were previously only capable of scrambling in emergency situations during office hours.

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