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New Danish air warning radar on Faroe Islands

Denmark investing in new air defense radar on Faroe Islands

Denmark is looking to boost its defense cooperation with the Faroe Islands, which would include the installation of an air warning radar...

US Army speeds up delivery of Sentinel A4 missile defense radar

The US Army Sentinel A4 Program Office has awarded an accelerated contract to Lockheed Martin to begin production for five additional radar...
3DELRR radar

USAF contracts Northtrop for 3DELRR ground-based radar work

After selecting Lockheed Martin as the prime contractor for its new ground-based long-range radar program, the US Air Force awarded Northrop Grumman...
German Air Force HADR NF concept air radar

Germany orders next generation of ballistic missile defense radars

BAAINBw has chosen Hensoldt and ELTA Systems to deliver the new HADR NF radars that will build up the country's ballistic missile defense capabilities.
Ballistic missile emulating drone

NATO develops drone to test its air defense radars against ballistic...

The new technology allows NATO partners to perform air-defense radar test campaigns without the associated high costs or time-consuming processes.
AN/TPS-70 Canada

Canada places contract with Thales for new tactical control radars

Delivered by Thales Canada but manufactured by Lockheed Martin, the new radars will be replacing the Northrop Grumman TPS-70 currently in service.
US Air Force TPS-75 radar replacement

US Air Force proceeds with Lockheed for new 3DELRR ground-based radar

The US Air Force 3DELRR team selected Lockheed for integration after evaluating three commercially available, long-range systems in 2020.
Slovakian air defense radar

Slovakia orders 17 MMR 3D radars from Israel’s IAI

The Slovakian defense ministry has entered into an agreement with its Israeli counterpart for the purchase of 17 multi-mission air defense radars.

Thales unveils new compact AESA radar for helicopters, UAVs

AirMaster C features a 2D AESA antenna based on silicon-germanium technology
PrecISR radar

HENSOLDT wraps up first flight trials of new PrecISR surveillance radar

German defense technology company HENSOLDT announced the successful completion of maiden flight trials of its newly developed airborne multi-mission surveillance radar PrecISR...

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