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Slovakia orders 17 MMR 3D radars from Israel’s IAI

Slovakian air defense radar
Photo: Slovakian defense ministry

The Slovakian defense ministry has entered into an agreement with its Israeli counterpart for the purchase of 17 multi-mission air defense radars.

The government to government agreement will see Israeli defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) deliver its MMR 3D radars for the purchase price of €148.2 million.

The modern radars will replace the 24 radars currently in service with the Slovakian armed forces, almost all of which have reached the end of their service life.

Slovakia said the Israeli offer was the most cost-effective one, beating a €193.4 million offer from the United Kingdom and a €249.9 million offer from France. The country also noted that the same systems were ordered by the neighboring Czech Republic and Hungary.

“Since 2010, Slovakia has kept trying to procure advanced, functional and reliable radar systems, but to no avail for different reasons. Therefore, it pleases me so much that this government has succeeded in doing so,” Slovakian defense minister Jaroslav Naď said.

By procuring 17 pieces of the 3D mobile medium, short and very short range radars, the Slovakian defense ministry plans to ensure round-the-clock surveillance, air traffic control (ATC), and a continuous air situational picture (ASP) over Slovakia within the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System (NATINAMDS).

ELTA’s ELM-2084 mobile S-band multi-mission radar (MMR) family features a 3D active electronically steered array (AESA) for air defense and artillery weapon location missions.

In the air defense mode, the radar detects and classifies all types of airborne targets and generates a real-time air situation picture. The artillery weapon location mode detects incoming mortars, artillery shells, and missiles and informs hostile weapon firing location as well as real-time calculation of impact point and friendly fire ranging. The radar offers a detection range of up to 256 NM for air surveillance purposes or up to 100 km for weapon location purposes.

The defense ministry noted that it would enter into negotiations with representatives of the Israeli government to negotiate all terms & conditions and coordinate the steps ahead. If no agreement is reached by March 31, 2021, the defense ministry will enter into negotiations with the UK government and, subsequently, with the French government.