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Russian fighters hit US Reaper drone with flares over Syria

A Russian fighter jet released flares at a US drone flying over Syria, causing damage after flying dangerously close, according to a...

Russia continues its dangerous behavior in Syria with ‘unprofessional‘ flying

US officials have reported that Russia continued harassment of US forces in Syria, with the latest incident involving Russian military aircraft engaging...

Russian jets harassing US drones over Syria for third consecutive day

For the third consecutive day, Russian fighter jets have continued to engage in hostile actions against United States Air Force (USAF) drones...

Russian jets continue harassing US drones over Syria

United States Air Force drones operating in Syria were once again subjected to hostile actions by Russian fighter jets within a span...
Russia downs US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper over Black Sea

Russian fighter downs US MQ-9 drone over Black Sea

A Russian Su-27 aircraft collided with the propeller of US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper, bringing the drone down over the Black Sea.
Russia's first newbuild Tu-160M

First of Russia’s newly-built Tu-160M bombers completes maiden flight

The first newly-manufactured Tu-160M ​​heavy strategic bomber completed its maiden flight on January 12, state-run Rostec has announced. The...
Tu-22M bomber

Three killed in Russian Tu-22M bomber ejection system malfunction

Three crew members of a Russian Air Force Tu-22M3 long-range bomber died in an ejection system accident at an airfield near Kaluga...
Tu-160M in flight

First modernized Tu-160M bomber handed over to Russian Air Force

Russia's United Aircraft Corporation has handed over the first modernized strategic bomber Tu-160M ​​with new NK-32 series 02 engines to the Russian...
F-22 Raptor intercepting a Tu-95 bomber

US Raptors intercept Russian bombers for second time in six days

US Air Force F-22 Raptors completed another series of intercepts of Russian Tu-95 bombers off Alaska on June 16, in the second...

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