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North Korea carries out submarine-launched ballistic missile test

This is North Korea's second ballistic missile of the week, and at least the 15th test this year.

Ballistic missile submarine USS Wyoming tests Trident II SLBM off Florida

US Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Wyoming (SSBN-742) launched two Trident II missiles on September 17, during a scheduled test flight...

South Korea test launches ballistic missile from submerged submarine

South Korea has become the first country in the world to demonstrate an SLBM launch from a conventionally-powered submarine.

Video: France tests M51 submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM)

First deployed in 2010 as a replacement for the M45 SLBM, the M51 is now carried by all four ballistic missile submarines in French Navy service.

North Korea believed to have completed build of new Sinpo-C submarine

North Korea appears to be ready to roll out a new 3,000-ton submarine based on the Romeo-class, according to US and South Korean intelligence.

Report to congress on low-yield SLBM warhead that recently deployed on...

The US Congressional Research Service (CRS) has released a report on the new low-yield version of the W-76 warhead for existing submarine-launched...

US completes tests of all three legs of nuclear triad in...

The tests were completed in early February.

US Navy tests Trident II from ballistic missile submarine USS Maine

This launch marks 177 successful missile launches of the Trident II (D5 & D5LE) strategic weapon system (SWS).

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