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United States clears SM-6 missile sale to Japan

Japan is one of three countries other than the United States looking to integrate the SM-6 on its destroyers.

US sinks former frigate USS Vandegrift in Valiant Shield SINKEX

The US armed forces have sunk another retired Oliver Hazard Perry frigate as part of the ninth iteration of exercise Valiant Shield,...

South Korea approves purchase of SM-6 missiles for its Aegis destroyers

South Korea announced its decision to procure the SM-6 missile amid increased North Korean missile test activity.

Watch an unmanned US Navy ship launch an SM-6 missile at...

An unmanned vessel from the US Navy's Ghost Fleet Overlord program recently launched an SM-6 missile from a modular launcher installed aboard...

US approves SM-6, SM-2 missile sale for Australian Hunter-class frigates

The US State Department has approved a possible foreign military sale of Standard Missile 6 Block I (SM-6) and Standard Missile 2...

US Navy, MDA complete “most complex” SM-6 intercept test with 4...

The US Navy and MDA are not certain they managed to intercept both ballistic missiles with four SM-6 missiles during the test.

US Navy SM-6 missile fails to intercept ballistic missile target in...

A BMD-configured Aegis destroyer failed to intercept a ballistic missile target with two Standard Missile-6 Dual II (BMD-initialized) missiles.

SM-6 missile destroys target during large US Navy unmanned systems drill...

The US Navy used integrated manned and unmanned systems to establish a track for the missile launch and hit the target well beyond the line of sight.

US Army picks Lockheed Martin to build its mid-range missile prototype

The US Army has selected Lockheed Martin to develop and deliver a ground-launched, mid-range missile as part of its long-range precision fires...

Raytheon buying $1b worth of propulsion systems for Standard Missile family

The five-year strategic agreement represents a supply chain centerpiece of multi-year Standard Missiles contracts that Raytheon recently received.

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