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Japanese sub JS Sekiryu hons interoperability with US submarine tender

A US Navy submarine tender, which serves as a mobile maintenance and logistic support for submarines, completed its first visit to Kure,...

Japan commissions final Soryu-class submarine JS Toryu (SS-512)

Toryu entered service on March 24 after being launched by Kawasaki in November 2019.

Japanese Soryu-class submarine collides with cargo ship off Kochi

A Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) Soryu-class submarine collided with a commercial vessel off Kochi Prefecture on Monday, local reports say.

Japan’s lithium-ion battery submarine JS Oryu arrives at Kure Base

The Japan Maritime Self Defense Force's (JMSDF) newest Soryu-class submarine JS Oryu has arrived at her Kure Base homeport for the first...

Japan commissions its first lithium-ion battery powered submarine

While being the eleventh in its class, the submarine is the first to feature lithium-ion batteries, unlike its predecessors that rely on the widely used lead-acid batteries.

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