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US Navy TH-73A training helicopter

US Navy receives its first TH-73A next-generation training helicopter

Leonardo delivered the first TH-73A to the US Navy on June 10 after receiving an initial contract for 32 helicopters in January 2020.

US Navy orders additional 36 TH-73A training helicopters from Leonardo

The US Navy has awarded AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp. a $171 million contract modification for the delivery of an additional 36 TH-73A training...

US Navy begins instructor pilot training on new helo trainer

The US Navy has begun instructor pilot training for its new TH-73A Advanced Helicopter Training System (AHTS) which is being acquired from...

US Navy picks Leonardo’s TH-73A as its new training helicopter

The US Navy has selected the AgustaWestland-developed TH-73 as its next-generation training helicopter solution. The navy announced the decision...
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