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Mjölnir counter-UAV system

US Air Force awards contract for Mjölnir drone destroyer prototype

The US Air Force expects to receive the first prototype of the high power microwave (HPM) weapon system in 2023.
THOR counter-UAV system illustration

After Thor, the US Air Force wants a Mjolnir prototype to...

The Mjolnir will use the same technology as THOR to counter counter the ever increasing threat of adversarial drone activity.
THOR counter UAS system

Here’s how US Air Force’s THOR destroys drone swarms, in theory

The US Air Force developed the THOR directed energy weapon system to counter the increasing threat posed by enemy drones and other airborne threats.
Leaders from the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office enter the portable control center of Air Force Research Laboratory’s Tactical High Power Operational Responder, or THOR, to view the system’s drone-killing capabilities, Feb. 11, 2021 at Kirtland Air Force Base.

US Army joins Air Force’s THOR laser UAS fryer program

The US Army has made an investment in the US Air Force's Tactical High Power Operational Responder (THOR) system in a bid...
Black Sage to be integrated with THOR drone killer

US Air Force orders counter-UAS radar for integration with its THOR...

The United States Air Force has purchased a counter-UAS radar system from Black Sage that will provide precise targeting data for the...
Tactical High Power Operational Responder (THOR)

US Air Force deploys high-energy lasers for first overseas test

The Air Force will be evaluating Raytheon's High Energy Laser (HELWS) and High Power Microwave (PHASER), and the AFRL THOR drone killer.

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