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Raytheon receives first Maritime Strike Tomahawk contract

The US Naval Air Systems Command has awarded Raytheon Missiles & Defense a $20 million contract for low-rate production of the Maritime...

Australia buying Tomahawk missiles for air warfare destroyers

After the shock announcement that it would walk away from the purchase of French submarines and instead build nuclear-powered submarines together with...

US Navy receives first Block V Tomahawk missile

Block V Tomahawks feature a navigation/comms upgrade that maintains the capability for in-flight target updates and improved navigation.

USS Chafee becomes first US destroyer to launch Block V Tomahawk...

Guided missile destroyer USS Chafee became the first US Navy destroyer to launch a Block V Tomahawk missile during an exercise in...

US Navy awards Raytheon $641m for Tomahawk Block V work

In addition to delivering new Block V missiles, Raytheon will also upgrade Block IV Tomahawks to the latest standard.
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