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Italy’s U212 NFS submarine program passes critical design review

The Italian Navy's program to build two next-generation Type 212 submarines met a new milestone on February 15 as it passed the...

Italy starts work on its new U212 ‘Near Future Submarines’

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri hosted a ceremony on January 11 to mark the start of construction work for the first of two U212NFS...

German submarine returning from EU patrol mission in the Med

German Navy submarine U 35 is returning home to the Eckernförde naval base after more than three months of operations in the...

Germany deploys submarine to arms embargo mission in the Mediterranean

One of the most advanced non-nuclear submarines will spend four months supporting the EU-led operation Irini in the Mediterranean Sea.

Italy orders first two U212 ‘Near Future Submarines’

Fincantieri has been awarded a 1.35 billion euro contract to deliver the first two Type 212 NFS AIP subs to the Italian Navy.

German Type 212 sub completes NATO patrol after torpedo tube leak...

U33 is the first German submarine to be integrated into the NATO Maritime Command.

German Type 212 sub U33 forced to dry dock for torpedo...

The navy said the leakage had been identified last week, while the crew was at sea.

Italy allocates funds for procurement of upgraded Type 212 subs

The new Type 212 "Near Future Submarines" will be longer than their predecessors and incorporate improved technology.

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