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First UK destroyer to complete power improvement upgrade back at sea

HMS Dauntless is returning to sea with new diesel generators for more reliable operations in warmer waters.

UK Type 45 destroyers getting anti-ship ballistic missile defense upgrade

Following the Sea Viper Evolution upgrade, the destroyers will be capable of detecting and destroying anti-ship ballistic missiles.

All six UK Type 45 destroyers in port amid tensions between...

The availability of the UK Royal Navy's Type 45 air-defense destroyers is in the spotlight again as all six ships in the...

Destroyer HMS Diamond sidelined from UK Carrier Strike Group deployment, again

Royal Navy's Type 45 air defense destroyer HMS Diamond is bound to port once again during the maiden deployment of the Royal...

Only one of Royal Navy’s six Type 45 destroyers currently “ready...

While two more destroyers could be fit for operations soon, the Royal Navy currently has only one available Type 45 destroyer.

Destroyer sidelined from UK Carrier Strike Group deployment due to ‘technical...

The Royal Navy Type 45 air defense destroyer HMS Diamond is no longer underway with the UK Carrier Strike Group after being...

Royal Navy upgrading its Type 45 destroyers with Sea Ceptor missile

The air-defense destroyers are adding the Sea Ceptor missile to their arsenal, in addition to receiving upgrades for the existing Sea Viper missiles.

HMS Dauntless first Royal Navy destroyer to get Gulf-proof engines

Royal Navy's Type 45 destroyers are receiving new diesel generators to be able to better withstand operations in warmer waters.

UK destroyer Defender returns from 8-month Middle East deployment

The ship returned to an almost empty harbor since the homecoming ceremony was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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