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US Navy buys two XQ-58As from Kratos for “drone killer” project

The US Navy has awarded Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems a $15.5 million contract for the delivery of two XQ-58A unmanned aerial systems...
Skyborg AI UAV program

US Air Force downselects two for Skyborg AI-enabled attritable UAV program

The US Air Force has decided on the final two contractors that will proceed to the next stage of the Skyborg Vanguard...
First XQ-58A Valkyrie attritable UAS prototype

US Air Force’s first Valkyrie attritable UAS prototype headed for museum

The US Air Force transferred the XQ-58A Valkyrie Tail #1 to the National Museum of the US Air Force after four flights in a little over two years.
XQ-58A Valkyrie deploys the ALTIUS-600 small UAS

Valkyrie UAV demonstrator drops payload from internal bay in sixth USAF...

The Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie UAV demonstrator released a payload from its internal weapons bay for the first time ever in the test from March 2021.
US Air Force military internet of things

F-35B, F-22, XQ-58A share data for first time in US Air...

The test managed to share data for the first time between fifth-generation aircraft.

XQ-58A Valkyrie “wingman UAS” demonstrator resumes test flights after mishap

The US Air Force Research Laboratory, along with partner Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, has completed the successful fourth flight test of...

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