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Serbia shows off new Mi35M helicopters

Photo: Serbian defense ministry

The Serbian defense ministry has unveiled its new Mi-35 helicopters delivered by Russian Helicopters earlier this month.

The large helicopter gunships, four of which were delivered to the Balkan state, were displayed alongside Airbus-built H-145M that will be used by the country’s air force and ministry of interior.

In addition to Mi-35M and H-145Ms, the helicopter display at the Batajnica Air Base, Serbia’s main military air base, included Mi-17 transport helicopters equipped for the first time with water buckets for firefighting tasks.

Two Mi17s were delivered in 2016 and two earlier this year.

The newest Mi-35M helicopters can transport up to eight soldiers in full combat gear and a 1,500kg-payload of weapons. The helicopter crew, pilot and pilot operator, are housed in tandem cockpits, with double controls, and the aircraft has armor that protects both the crew and vital parts of the helicopter.

A 23mm cannon is mounted on the helicopter in a revolving turret and linked to the fire control system. It can carry a range of weapons on each wing including an additional 80mm non-guided missiles and long-range guided missiles.

Serbia hopes to establish a squadron of Mi35M helicopters.

An Mi-35M with an Mi-17 in the background