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US Army orders further marksman rifles, compact snipers from Heckler & Koch

Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System
Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System. Photo: US Army

The US Army has awarded Heckler & Koch Defense a $33.5 contract modification for the delivery of additional compact semi-automatic sniper systems (CSASS) and the squad designated marksman rifle (SDMR).

Both CSASS and SDMR are relatively new systems, which were fielded by the US Army in the last two years.

As a replacement for the M110, which is a longer, heavier, less ergonomic semi-automatic sniper rifle, the CSASS was developed to support snipers as they execute a broad spectrum of missions. While shooting the same round as the M110, CSASS is easier to shoot and has less recoil.

CSASS features a new suppressor and muzzle brake that allows for rapid successive follow-on shots with a reduced chance of detection. Furthermore, the new rifle has higher power daytime optics, which enhance a sniper’s surveillance capability and positive hostile identification at longer ranges.

The new squad designated marksman rifle, a variant of the 7.62 mm G28/HK417, improves lethality by increasing the effective range a force can engage with an enemy.

The new rifle addresses the 300 to 600 meters range gap outlined in the 2015 US Army Small Arms Capabilities-Based Assessment. It is capable of firing either M80A1 enhanced performance rounds or XM1158 advanced armor piercing rounds.

The new rifle has a base weight of about 9.9 pounds and is outfitted with the SIG Tango 6 variable 1×6 power scope.

Heckler & Koch is expected to complete work under the latest contract modification by March 2022.