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Watch the Swedish Armed Forces in “one of a kind” tri-service warfare drill

The Swedish Armed Forces has shared footage of what it says was a unique test of readiness of its land, air and naval forces.

A perceived enemy was simultaneously fought from the ground, the sea and the air during the Aurora 20 exercise.

The navy and the air force fought jointly, coordinated in time and space from the ground, at sea and from the air against naval surface targets.

“Long-range coordinated fire from three different types of platforms – corvettes, heavy anti-ship missile systems and fighter aircraft – against a common surface target is very complex, and that is why these exercises are vital,” Major General Urban Molin said.

“To Sweden, with our long coastline, a key capability is to prevent an adversary from landing on our shores. Together with naval and air force units, we have conducted joint anti- surface warfare using anti-ship missile system 15, deputy operational chief as well as head of the readiness control,” Molin added.

“I am very happy with the way our units performed during the readiness check, on short notice. My conclusion is that we have confirmed our capability to perform joint anti-surface warfare. And we were able to do this while simultaneously providing extensive assistance to the community during this difficult time caused by the corona pandemic,” Major General Urban Molin concluded.