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Serbia’s modernized Oganj rocket launcher completes factory acceptance tests

Oganj MLRS
Photo: Serbian defense ministry

The Serbian Armed Forces’ modernized Oganj modular rocket launcher has completed factory acceptance tests with the final control launch taking place at the Nikinci shooting range.

As pointed out by the country’s defense minister, Aleksandar Vulin, the self-propelled multiple rocket launcher Oganj has been digitalized and now features an inertial navigation system and improved communication systems. The new system now needs just three minutes to launch a rocket once it is in firing position, according to the defense minister, compared to 26 minutes required with the old system.

The modernization project was completed last year, with support from several Serbian defense contractors led by Prva Petoletka. The upgraded system will fire the M-18 rocket, which is being developed by Krušik Holding Corporation.

The Serbian Armed Forces will receive a one and a half Oganj battery within the next few days, it has been added.

Modular Oganj MLRS

Oganj MLRS launching an ALAS missile

In addition to modernized legacy Oganj systems, the country is also introducing modular versions, which will be capable of launching different projectiles, including the ALAS (Advanced Light Attack System) multipurpose wire guided missile.

The modular Oganj also joined the June 18 tests, launching ALAS missile and Grad rockets. The modular system will allow the Serbian military to employ projectiles with a range of 40 kilometers, which have already been developed, and greater-range Kosava 1 and Kosava 2 projectiles that are currently in development.