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US Army picks interim counter UAS systems for further development

Drone Buster counter UAS
US Army file photo of a soldier with the Drone Buster c-UAS system

The US Army has announced its selection of interim counter unmanned aerial systems (c-UAS) that are expected to be brought to full maturity or replacement with follow-on enduring solutions.

Most of the assessed systems were initially purchased to address urgent and emerging operational needs of deployed forces. This assessment determined the selection of current systems for future investment based on criteria such as effectiveness, usability, sustainment and integration.

The selected systems provided the best performance and capability mix during the assessment and represent the department’s interim C-sUAS capability, the army said.

Fixed or semi-fixed systems that made the cut include FS-LIDS (fixed site-low, slow, small unmanned aircraft system integrated defeat system), NINJA (negation of improvised non-state joint aerial-threats), CORIAN (counter-remote control model aircraft integrated air defense network).

The selection also includes the L-MADIS (light-mobile air defense integrated system) as a mounted/mobile system, as well as the Bal Chatri, Drone Buster and Smart Shooter handheld systems.

The army said it would continue to work with industry on future research, testing and investment decisions.

Adversary UAS represent a rapidly proliferating, low-cost, high-reward ISR and lethal-attack threat to US personnel and interests. To lead and direct efforts for identifying and prioritizing joint gaps and C-sUAS solutions, the defense secretary designated the army secretary as the DoD executive agent for C-sUAS. The army secretary, in turn, established the joint C-sUAS office (JCO) and designated Maj. Gen. Sean A. Gainey as the JCO’s first director.