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US Army awards GDLS $1.2 billion for short range air defense systems

Photo: US Army

General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) has received a $1.2 billion contract to produce, test and deliver interim maneuver short-range air defense (IM-SHORAD) systems for the US Army.

Mounted on a Stryker A1 platform, the IM-SHORAD system will provide soldiers with 360 degrees of air-defense protection through a mix of guns, missiles, rockets, and onboard sensors.

According to a Pentagon contract announcement, work locations and funding will be determined with each order while GDLS is expected to complete work under the contract by Sept 2025. According to Defense News, the initial order for the contract for 28 vehicles is worth $230 million.

The Army plans to spread a total of 144 systems throughout four battalions during the initial acquisition phase by the second quarter of fiscal year 2023.

IM-SHORAD incorporates a mission equipment package (MEP) from Leonardo DRS that will enable the vehicles to destroy, neutralize or deter low altitude aerial threats, including Group 3 UAS, rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. The package includes Stinger and Hellfire missiles in addition to XM914 (30mm) and M240 (7.62mm) guns.

Photo: Leonardo DRS