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Finland orders night vision devices from Senop

Night vision goggles
Photo: Senop

The Finnish defense procurement agency has awarded local company Senop Oy a 13 million euro contract for the delivery of night vision devices for its armed forces.

The new equipment will include image intensifiers for soldiers, hand-held multipurpose observation and surveillance systems for mortar units.

The procurement is based on a letter of intent signed in May 2019 and will see Senop deliver the systems by the end of 2021.

While it has an initial value of 13 million euros, the contract includes a 209 million euro option for the next five years. The option includes image intensifiers, observation and surveillance systems and laser aiming devices.

Senop developed the night vision goggles, target acquisition devices and image intensifiers have been developed in close cooperation with the Finnish army.

“The development work has also required intensive field tests and environmental tests to ensure that the devices are easy to use and stand the strain of hard military operations. I can proudly say that Image intensifier, laser aiming devices and LILLY-sensor have been developed for infantry soldiers with the guidance of real end users,” Aki Korhonen, managing director of Senop, said.