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Norway-based US bombers join first NATO drill in high north

Dynamic Guard 2021
Photo: NATO

NATO’s Maritime Command (MARCOM) is hosting the maritime exercise Dynamic Guard off the coast of Norway in the High North, which kicked off February 22.

As revealed by MARCOM, this will be the first time the anti-surface warfare exercise is attended by US bomber aircraft, which are conducting tactical integration with NATO forces in the Barents Sea.

Additionally, it will also be the first exercise attended by three US Air Force B-1B bombers which arrived at Ørland Air Station for their first-ever stationing in Norway on February 22. The bombers are on a long-planned mission that will see the aircraft conduct theater and flight training across Europe.

A B-1B bomber landing at Ørland Air Station, Norway, on February 22. 2021. Photo: Norwegian defense ministry

Dynamic Guard is designed to build and maintain proficiency in maritime electronic warfare and anti-ship missile defense, and this year it follows on from Norway’s TG 21-1 exercise in anti-submarine warfare.

Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1), as well as assets from Norway, will participate in the exercise, along with support from the NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS). Surface ships include Canadian frigate HMCS Halifax, German tanker FGS Spessart and Norwegian stealth corvettes HNoMS Steil and HNoMS Storm.

“Exercise Dynamic Guard 21-1 provides opportunities for SNMG1 to enhance or otherwise validate our training, knowledge and expertise in electronic warfare (EW) and anti-ship missile defense in a unique and challenging operational environment,” said Commodore Bradley Peats, Commander of SNMG1.

The exercise ends February 26.