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Denmark picks Spike LR 2 for new anti-tank missile capability

Spike LR 2
Photo: Danish defense ministry

Denmark’s defense procurement agency FMI has selected the Spike LR (long range) anti-tank guided missile system for its army units as a replacement for a range of anti-tank weapons currently in service.

Delivered by Eurospike, a consortium made up of Germany’s Diehl Defence and Rheinmetall, and Israel’s Rafael – the original developer of the missile – the fire-and-forget Spike missile will be delivered to Danish Army’s reconnaissance and infantry units.

Spike LR 2 is a 5th generation multipurpose multi-platform missile which includes two warhead configurations, a tandem HEAT warhead configuration which enhances armor penetration capability, and a new multipurpose blast warhead that includes controlled fusing for control of the desired effect. According to Eurospike, the breach mode can penetrate up to 20cm of reinforced concrete (with reinforcing bars) and detonate within the structure.

Denmark expects to receive the new missiles between 2021 and 2025. Spike will allow the Danish Army to fight medium and heavily armored vehicles as well as fortified combat positions, at medium distances. The contract also includes command launch units (firing systems), training and simulation equipment, a number of anti-tank missiles and preparation for integration on the new stabilized weapons system.

Denmark is joining a total of 14 other NATO countries already using the Spike LR or LR 2 systems, which are compatible with each other. This means that Danish forces in future deployments in and outside Europe can operate together with allies with the same system and draw on joint stocks/logistics.

Spike LR 2 has a range of over 5,000 meters when launched from the ground and features a dual electro-optical missile seeker with both uncooled IIR sensors. It can be launched from light wheeled vehicles, navy ships, and helicopters.

Denmark’s announcement comes weeks after Germany placed an order with EuroSpike for 600 additional guided missiles of the type MELLS missiles, as the Spike is referred to in Germany. The missiles are scheduled to be delivered by 2024.